No More “Surviving” the Holidays: 10 Tips for Thriving in Eating Disorder Recovery

Holiday gifts and tree

By Meadows Senior Fellow Jenni Schaefer We no longer “survive” the holidays. We thrive. And you can, too. I recently asked my Facebook community about ways in which their eating disorder recoveries have helped them to thrive during the holiday season. A beautiful conversation began, inspiring the words in this post. While others might stare […]

All About Metabolism

Metabolism highlighted in book

By Anna McKenzie How does your metabolism affect your physical and mental health? Your body is designed to convert food into energy so that it can perform physiological functions and give you fuel for activity. When you’re in recovery from an eating disorder, metabolic data can help you find out how much food and nutrition […]

Binge Eating: Unhealthy Habit or Legit Disorder?

Woman Feeling Guilty

By Wesley Gallagher We’ve all done it before. After a stressful day at work or a fight with a loved one, you come home, open the pantry door, and grab a bag of chips. Before you know it, you’ve eaten the entire bag. Or you take the ice cream out of the freezer and polish […]

Spikes in Suicide Among Young Adults

girl looking out window depressed

By Wesley Gallagher Suicide. It’s a scary word and a scary concept. It brings to mind things like mental health, depression, and self-harm. But one association we usually don’t make with suicide? Children.  Unfortunately, suicide among teens, adolescents, and children is a reality, and rates have been increasing over the last several years. A study […]

Eating Disorder Treatment: How to Tell Your Parents You Need Help

mother comforting daughter

By Melissa Riddle Chalos  We live in a media-saturated culture where we project what we want the world to see and know about our lives. But the reality is often quite the opposite. Young women and girls struggle with all sorts of insecurities and emotional wounds that impact their lives in very real ways, with […]