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It Gets Better: Not Just for Everyone Else

Hope for Eating Disorder Recovery Hello. I would like to introduce myself. I am the only person in the world who cannot recover from an eating disorder. No matter how hard I try or how desperately I want to let go of my eating disorder, I am doomed to fail. I will never get better.  […]

5 Signs Your Healthy Eating Lifestyle Has Gone Too Far

Most of us can agree that health is one of the most priceless gifts in life. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for longevity and for enjoying life to its fullest potential. But what exactly needs to be involved in staying “healthy”? Sadly, many people today are overwhelmed with conflicting information about how to achieve […]

5 Myths About Eating Disorders and Why They’re Not True

Mental illness, including eating disorders, comes with tremendous stigma and shame. For decades, eating disorders have been misunderstood on multiple levels, creating confusion, embarrassment, and unnecessary guilt for those who are struggling as well as their loved ones. On the surface, eating disorders often present as difficulty eating or abnormal eating behaviors, but research has […]

How to Support Your Adult Child Who Needs a Higher Level of Care

As parents, there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for our children, especially when it comes to helping them live their best lives. We want to see our children thriving in every aspect: physically, emotionally, mentally, in relationships and in their careers. So when an eating disorder diagnosis comes into the picture, this can undoubtedly sabotage […]