Adderall Abuse and Eating Disorders

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You’ve likely heard of Adderall abuse on college campuses, as well as the prevalence of eating disorders among college-age women. But did you know there is actually a connection between eating disorders and Adderall abuse? The stimulant is not just used for studying; many young adults also use it as an appetite suppressant.

A Deep Dive Into Binge Eating Disorder

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Have you felt stuffed after a plateful of food, only to go back for seconds? Do you use vacation as an excuse to indulge in a few too many treats? Ever find yourself mindlessly finishing off an entire bag of chips while watching TV?

None of these experiences are out of the ordinary, as we all exhibit unhealthy eating habits every now and then. But there is a difference between occasional overeating and recurrent food binges that spiral out of control.

Why Pro-Ana Websites Are Dangerous

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You can find almost anything on the web these days, but did you know this includes pro-ana websites? While it may seem strange to some that eating disorder support online exists, for others, it’s an affirmation of their lifestyles and choices that masks the harmful effects of pro-ana culture, to dangerous results.