Mike Gurr on Beyond Theory Podcast

Executive Director of The Meadows Ranch, Mike Gurr, joins host David Condos to discuss the life-and-death situations facing women with eating disorders and how his team helps patients and their families build a sustainable, healthy relationship with food.

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From psychiatrists and psychologists to master’s-level therapists, dietitians, behavioral health technicians, and registered nurses, The Meadows Ranch is made up of knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate professionals committed to providing quality, cutting-edge care.

Mike Gurr

Michael Gurr, MS, MA, LPC-S, CDWF
Executive Director

Nicole Garber

Nicole Garber, MD
Chief of Psychiatry

Erica Trocino

Erica Trocino, LPC-S, CEDS-S, CADAC
Clinical Director

Coral Gregg

Coral Gregg, RN
Director of Nursing

Anna Contor

Anna Contor, LPC-S, CEDS
Assistant Clinical Director

Kim Collins

Kimberly Collins, CEDRD-S
Director of Nutrition

Elaine Coller

Elaine Coller
Director of Equine

Cheryl Musick
Wellness Coordinator

Robert Darden

Robert Darden

Julynn Ravenscraft

Julynn Ravenscraft
Continuing Care Coordinator

Lindsey MacDonald

Lindsey MacDonald
Neurofeedback Tech

Shelly Collins

Shelly Collins
Neurofeedback Tech


Facility dog

Meet Cowboy

Born in January 2019, Cowboy is a Yellow Labrador Retriever who was raised in Colorado before heading to the Southwest Training Center in Oceanside, California. Carefully bred and professionally trained specifically for this work by Canine Companions, he is not only friendly and fun, but he is also very sweet and gentle. Don’t be fooled by his laidback demeanor, though. Cowboy takes his job as facility dog seriously, so you’ll always see him with his handler and wearing his vest to identify him as a working facility dog. Cowboy’s official role at The Meadows Ranch includes providing private sessions in the Facility Dog Suite (aka the wellness coordinator’s office) located in the Mountain View building. He is also present during many Expressive Art sessions and Games & Activities groups.

When not providing services, Cowboy enjoys relaxing on his dog bed or taking a rest in his kennel. While he’s very friendly, it’s important that anyone ask before petting him or interacting. Always attentive, you don’t need to make noise to get his attention. His handler will escort him around to all who are interested in a visit. Learn more about Canine Companions at www.cci.org.

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