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A Legacy of Hope and Recovery

All programs are not the same, so it’s important to make sure you find treatment that will address your needs in a caring atmosphere surrounded by people who understand what you’re going through.

We know all too well the pain eating disorders cause — to individuals, family, and friends. But there is hope, and we can help. The Meadows Ranch has a long history of helping people recover from eating disorders. Our experienced staff is here to point the way.

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We Do Not Tolerate Intolerance

At Meadows Behavioral Healthcare we do not tolerate intolerance. We serve a stigmatized population that deals daily with the struggle of addiction, eating disorders, trauma, and mental health issues. They face the struggle to find treatment, the struggle of how to pay for treatment, the struggle to move beyond the stigma of mental health and addiction along with the struggle to overcome the financial, emotional, spiritual, and relationship damage done by these issues. Sadly, these struggles are exacerbated by race and gender.

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A Unique Program For Your Unique Needs

Here are just some of the reasons why we believe that The Meadows Ranch is the best place to address your eating disorder.

  • An experienced, multidisciplinary staff – The treatment process is led by a team of healthcare professionals and includes a psychiatric specialist, medical physician, registered dietitian, licensed therapists, a recreational therapist, and caring 24/7 nursing staff. This team is on constant watch to provide exceptional care.
  • Individualized treatment – Starting with a comprehensive medical and psychological assessment, we create a treatment plan to meet the specific needs of each patient. This approach is designed to uncover and understand the “whys” of the eating disorder and focus on resolution and lasting healing.
  • An evidence-based approach – We implement a developmental resiliency model with a trauma-informed treatment approach, similar to our sister program, The Meadows.
  • Comprehensive care – We are committed to providing the highest level of eating disorder treatment for girls and women. We offer inpatient, residential, and partial-hospitalization levels of care as well as detox services when required.
  • Technology-based modalities – In our innovative Brain Center, patients have access to the latest and most effective technology, including neuro- and biofeedback, designed to promote self-regulation skills that enhance and expedite the recovery process.
  • Family focus – We include family members even before admission, as we know their involvement is crucial to the recovery process. Our family therapy is presented from a skills-based approach throughout the program, including our intensive Family Week.
  • Healing atmosphere – Our home-like environment and ranch setting, with beautiful horses and breathtaking sunsets, nurtures patients as they begin their journey toward recovery.
  • Discovery and empowerment – Our goal is to resolve the patient’s malnutrition and enhance her coping strategies for success by identifying the complex psychological factors contributing to her unhealthy relationship with food.
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We Are Here to Help

We know that recovery from an eating disorder is absolutely possible. It’s happening every day at The Meadows Ranch. Based on feedback from patients, families, and professionals, the vast majority of our patients remain committed to a life of health, balance, and purpose.

For additional information about the treatment of eating disorders, please call to speak with one of our experienced intake coordinators at 866-390-5100.