Making Peace With Food

One of the major tasks of eating disorder treatment is helping patients realize that food is not the enemy. We look at the thoughts, events, and emotions tied to their association with food, and we slowly start to unwind those. At the same time, we are incorporating positive experiences with food. We don’t treat eating disorders as an addiction because you can’t stop eating. The reality is that they do have to eat every day for the rest of their lives to survive, so we need to teach them to be around food on a regular basis. That’s why all patients take turns prepping and plating meals. We’ve found that this type of exposure helps prepares them for long-term success.

The Brain-Body Connection

Many patients arrive at The Meadows Ranch malnourished. Being malnourished impacts both the brain and the body, contributing to difficulties with mood, trauma-related symptoms, and sleep. We combine our nutrition approach with our state-of-the-art Brain Center, which uses neurofeedback and biofeedback to help calm and regulate both the brain and the body, preparing patients to be able to do the work necessary to begin to heal.

We want the patients to have that exposure and practice with becoming familiar with plating foods to meet their needs and to be able to follow their meal plan when they step down to a different level of care or when they discharge back home.

Annique Cornejo

We’re Ready to Help

At The Meadows Ranch, we have your loved one’s best interests at heart, just as you do. Those who are suffering from an eating disorder deserve healing, but so do you and the rest of your family. We don’t believe there are shortcuts to recovery, but we have seen individuals in our programs learn how to thrive again. If you or a loved one is dealing with an eating disorder, our knowledgeable and caring staff are ready to help you embark on a journey toward long-term healing.

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