The most common eating disorders are anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa (commonly referred to as simply “anorexia” and “bulimia”). But other food-related disorders, like avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder, body image disorders, and food phobias, are becoming more and more commonly identified. When behaviors do not meet full criteria for any of the other feeding and eating disorders, but are still cause clinically significant problems, they may be called “Other Eating Disorders.”

Other Types of Eating Disorder

At The Meadows Ranch we treat a variety of eating disorders and eating disorder related issues. People with negative body image have a greater likelihood of developing an eating disorder and are more likely to suffer from feelings of depression, isolation, low self-esteem, and obsession with weight loss. At The Meadows Ranch we treat other eating disorders such as:

Eating disorders are illnesses in which the people experience severe disturbances in their eating behaviors and related thoughts and emotions. People with eating disorders typically become obsessed with food and their body weight.

Eating disorders affect several million people at any given time, most often women between the ages of 12 and 35.

Eating Disorder Recovery

Through our bio-psycho-social-spiritual treatment approach and clinical excellence, our patients find the strength to confront their problems, learn the tools and skills to overcome their disorder, then enter recovery. Based on feedback from patients, families, and professionals, the vast majority of our patients remain committed to a life of health, balance, and purpose.

Help for Eating Disorders

We have treated eating disorders for years. We know recovery from an eating disorder is absolutely possible. It’s happening every day at The Meadows Ranch.

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