Eating Disorder Inpatient Treatment

The Meadows Ranch is honored to be the treatment program of choice for hundreds of eating disorders therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, registered dietitians, and counselors from across the nation and abroad when a higher level of care is needed for their clients and patients. We understand professionals and families have many options when it comes to choosing inpatient treatment for eating disorders. We strive to minimize this overwhelming process and work closely with you and the family from the first point of contact through admission to graduation for a successful transition back home and to the patient’s continued care with you. Together, we make recovery a reality for women and girls aged 8-17 whose lives and families have been impacted by their eating disorder.

Personalized Care

Given the complex nature of eating disorders, it is very important to choose the program best suited for the success of the patient. This often means acute care/inpatient treatment but may be a residential or partial hospitalization program. Our talented multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals manages the treatment process and includes a psychiatric specialist, medical physician, registered dietitian, CEDS, licensed therapists, a recreational therapist, and caring 24/7 nursing staff. This team is on constant watch to provide exceptional individualized care.

If you have a client or patient in need of a higher level of care, please call our Admissions Department. Or have her, or a family member, contact us. Our admissions representatives can provide all the information required to make inpatient and residential treatment as accessible and affordable as possible.

Trauma and Addiction

Our evidence-based treatment approach at The Meadows Ranch is designed to uncover and understand the “whys” of an eating disorder, with an underlying focus on resolution. We implement a developmental-resiliency model with a trauma-informed treatment approach, similar to our sister program, The Meadows. In our leading-edge Brain Center, patients have access to the latest and most effective technology designed to promote self-regulation skills that enhance and expedite the recovery process.

One of the unique advantages of The Meadows Ranch is that we are qualified to treat substance use conditions. Many patients suffering from an eating disorder also struggle with addiction. When patients enter our program, they undergo a comprehensive assessment to understand any co-occurring conditions they may be experiencing and offer detox services when required.

Our goal is your goal: to give each woman or girl the best possible chance for complete recovery and to restore balance to her life. At The Meadows Ranch, we are committed to providing the highest level of eating disorder treatment through an integrated trauma model in a safe, scenic, and nurturing environment. We will get your client on the road to recovery so that the two of you can complete the journey together.

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