Eating Disorder Recovery: How to Not Be So Hard on Yourself

Eating Disorder Recovery: How to Not Be So Hard on Yourself - The Meadows Ranch

Eating disorders and perfectionistic tendencies typically go hand in hand. Disordered eating habits often emerge from a desire to control other parts of your life, manage psychological distress, and conform to a certain image or personal standard. Because of this, people with eating disorders are very critical of themselves. When you’re in eating disorder recovery, you may continue to struggle with perfectionism, but there are ways to not be so hard on yourself. Learning to adopt more flexible thinking patterns can reduce your anxiety and give you a greater sense of satisfaction in your daily life.

Summertime Doesn’t Have to Mean Setbacks

Summertime Doesn't Have to Mean Setbacks - The Meadows Ranch

Every summer, temperatures are at their hottest while clothing is at its scarcest. People everywhere flock to the pool, the beach, or the lake to swim and enjoy the sun. As a result, social media is flooded with pictures that may invite body comparison. For anyone who has struggled with an eating disorder, the temptation to resort to old habits can be triggered by certain imagery, from swimsuit photos to “thinspiration,” and even “fitspiration” posts. We can all become more aware of how the images we post affect others, and those in recovery need to know what to avoid as they go online this summer.

People of Color and Eating Disorders

People of Color and Eating Disorders - The Meadows Ranch

By Christa Banister In any number of movies, television shows, or after-school specials that have aired over the years, there’s often a strikingly similar depiction of what someone who struggles with an eating disorder looks like. And that familiar image — a white, very thin, generally young and affluent woman— has frequently led to a […]

Why Am I Scared to Give Up My Eating Disorder?

Why Am I Scared to Give Up My Eating Disorder? - The Meadows Ranch

By Wesley Gallagher Recovery from eating disorders, as with all mental health disorders, takes time, energy, counseling, and a transformative change in the way you view yourself and the world. If you struggle with an eating disorder, you might notice conflicting feelings: Even if you know that what you’re doing is unhealthy, even if you […]