The Progressive Nature of an Eating Disorder

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By Libby Neal, MA, LPC

Eating disorders are more fluid than fixed. It seems the course of an eating disorder is progressive in nature, changing in severity over time. Eating disorder professionals who have worked long enough with one person will see the type of behaviors move from one end of the spectrum to another.

Does Self-Esteem Overlap with an Eating Disorder?

Trending this Week at The Meadows Ranch
By Libby Neal, MA, LPC

A person’s feelings shift throughout the day based on positive and negative interactions. Hearing critical feedback from a teacher on how a paper could have been improved may leave a person feeling poorly about herself. Or if a new romantic interest becomes disinterested, a person may wonder what he or she did to lose that previous connection.

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How the Media Affects Body Image and Eating Disorders

The media puts a large amount of pressure on females to meet a certain social and cultural standard of beauty, which can inevitably lead to poor body image and eating disorders. The more an individual is exposed to this unrealistic standard, the more they find it is reflective of how they should look. Looking youthful […]

What Is Body Image?

At The Meadows Ranch, we often talk about body image as it relates to eating disorders and eating disorder treatment. But what exactly does it mean?

By its definition, body image is the subjective picture or mental image a person has of their body. In other words, your body image is how you see yourself or how you picture yourself in your mind. Overall, body image refers to a person’s emotional attitudes, beliefs and perceptions of their body.