Weight Restoration and Nutrition

Nutrition therapy is crucial for patients with eating disorders, and it is a challenging process for many reasons. Maintaining good physical and psychological health goes hand in hand with properly nourishing the body and having a healthy body weight. If the body isn’t well-nourished, the brain won’t function properly, making it difficult for the patient to engage fully in her treatment. For this reason, the foundation of eating disorder treatment at The Meadows Ranch is nourishment. Our Registered Dietitians (RD) make sure that every patient is receiving the correct meal plan with the appropriate number of calories for her individual weight restoration or weight maintenance needs.

The Meadows Ranch Offers Complimentary Flights for Patients

In recognition of Eating Disorder Awareness Month, The Meadows Ranch is offering free flights to their treatment center for patients entering the program. The offer is available for patients only who are admitted to The Meadows Ranch’s inpatient or residential treatment level of care for duration of at least 30 days. This offer is valid for placement in the program between February 14, 2015 and March 14, 2015.

25 Days of Gratitude

The Meadows Ranch was one of Arizona’s first guest ranches and operated as a popular dude ranch from 1925 until Ward Keller purchased the Ranch in 1985 to run horses. In 1990 The Meadows Ranch was transformed into a treatment center for women and girls with eating disorders. This was the result of Keller’s experience […]

Just Released Book About Life Beyond Recovery

“Dana Shavin’s passage from self-induced deprivation to full-course living demonstrates courage. Her memoir, which shapes emotional pain into a tender and engaging narrative, illuminates literary power.”
— Whitney Stewart, author of A Catfish Tale

Author and Psychologist Dana Lise Shavin recently released her new memoir, The Body Tourist, which bravely tackles the time after recovery from an eating disorder.