Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is a mode of treatment designed for people with borderline personality disorder (BPD), particularly those with suicidal behavior; though, it may have implications for other disorders outside of BPD. It is being tested as a therapy for different kinds of patients such as suicidal adolescents, older adults with depression, and women with eating disorders.

Therapy for Eating Disorders

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) aims to help people to:

  • Validate their emotions and behaviors
  • Examine the behaviors and emotions that have a negative impact on their lives
  • Make a conscious effort to bring about positive changes

Through validation, the therapist helps the patient see that their behavior and responses are understandable considering their current life situation.

Eating Disorder Treatment Philosophy

The Meadows Ranch combines evidence-based theories of teaching coping and containment skills to do the deeper work to get at the source of the eating disorder so that a person can make a long-lasting recovery-based change.

Therapy for Eating Disorders

Recovery from an eating disorder is possible. It’s happening every day at The Meadows Ranch. Based on feedback from patients, families, and professionals, the vast majority of our patients remain committed to a life of health, balance, and purpose.

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