Recovery is Possible

Recovery is Possible

That journey included tears, support from my team, and support from new

friends as well. I met my best friend, Janine, in treatment. Although she is Canadian and lives 2000 miles away, we have stayed close and have gone through significant milestones together.

I got married on September 1st to someone whose love I never would have accepted in my eating disorder. Janine was my maid of honor, so in this wedding picture, we took pictures of where everything started for us—with Ensure!

We have made it so far in recovery, and I want to share this picture around to show others that recovery is possible! Nothing is perfect of course, but my life is so different than it was in the darkness of my eating disorder.”

We wish Charlotte the best in her marriage, and we love that her life includes Janine, her recovery friend.
As seen on NEDA.

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