Horses Helping Humans

April 10th, 2018 // // Tags: , , , , ,

There is a lot we can learn from the team of horses here at The Meadows Ranch. Can you imagine what it would be like to live...

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Horses Are Like Guardian Angels

February 28th, 2018 // // Tags: , , , ,

At the ranch, our horses impact the patients we work with on a daily basis; whether it is teaching them to experience the feelings of acceptance, joy,...

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A Treatment Plan for a Horse Called Nip

January 24th, 2018 // // Tags: , , , , , ,

One particular adult patient named Jill came to equine therapy for an individual session soon after arriving on campus. Like Nip, she too was new to the...

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Eating Disorder Healing Through Equine Therapy

December 6th, 2017 // // Tags: , , , ,

To read this article in its entirety, please go click here. Horses are an integral part of our leading-edge treatment. At The Meadows Ranch, our patients learn...

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Equine Therapy Teaches Acceptance and Trust

June 13th, 2017 // // Tags: , , , , ,

“Do you like animals?” she asked. I studied the ground and didn’t answer. I hadn’t found my voice yet and rarely made eye contact. “Have you ever...

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What A Horse Taught Me About Fear and Self-Doubt

October 6th, 2016 // // Tags: , , , , ,

I would never have admitted it to my new boss, or to anyone, but I was feeling quite disoriented during this orientation. I had already managed to...

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Horses Are Helping Patients Overcome Eating Disorders

July 14th, 2016 // // Tags: , , ,

Why Does Equine Therapy Work? Why do so many of our patients find working with horses to be such an essential part of their healing process? Maybe...

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Horses Can Help Uncover Personal Truths

August 26th, 2015 // // Tags: , , ,

I don't know why this is, but I do know that it is my daily experience around these sacred beings who have blessed my life. In this...

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Horses Teach Adolescents with Eating Disorders

September 3rd, 2014 // // Tags: , , ,

An adolescent feels tremendous emotional pressure to resolve childhood ideals while still attempting to become an adult. The job of the adolescent seems to be a reconciliation...

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Pouncing on the Sensation of “I Can”

August 6th, 2014 // // Tags: , , ,

Somatic Experiencing ® (SE) is one of the most profound methodologies for capturing this sensation, and building upon it. The combination of SE with horses perhaps feels...

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