The DSM-5 criteria for the diagnosis of BED are as follows:

  • Experiences a lack of control during an episode (can’t stop eating or control what or how much they are eating)
  • Eats more rapidly than normal
  • Eats large amounts of food when not hungry
  • Eats till uncomfortably full
  • Experiences emotional pain or distress in regard to eating (such as disgust with oneself, depression over eating, or desire to eat alone due to embarrassment)
  • Does not generally participate in compensatory purging behaviors such as fasting, exercising, or using laxatives or diuretics after binge eating episodes
  • Experiences binge eating episodes at least once a week for three months or more

The Meadows Ranch Fast Facts:

  • We take patients from 8 years old to 88, but 16-33 is the average patient age.
  • Our campus offers separate treatment for women and girls, with 12 beds for adolescents and 32 beds for adults.
  • We offer inpatient, residential, and partial-hospitalization levels of care.
  • Length of stay varies for each patient according to their unique needs, but most average between 45-60 days.
  • While the majority of our patients are diagnosed with either anorexia or bulimia, at any given time, approximately 20% of our population are dealing with binge eating disorder.
  • We can take patients who are at 70% of their ideal body weight, which is fairly low (equating to a BMI of a 15 or 16).
Meadows Ranch girls in treatment

Talk to Us About Binge Eating Disorder Treatment 

At The Meadows Ranch, we’re dedicated to equipping individuals and their families with the resources needed to heal from a binge eating disorder. With our wealth of expertise, we address binge eating disorders and any co-occurring conditions in the same setting for the best possible chance of long-term recovery. Our focus is on treating the whole person — mind, body, and spirit. If you or a loved is suffering from a binge eating disorder, get in touch with us today. Our compassionate staff is standing by to answer your questions and help you begin the journey to recovery.

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