Due to the seriousness of anorexia, we should all make a point to educate ourselves and know how to spot the warning signs.

Common symptoms of anorexia include:

  • Self-induced weight loss due to avoidance of certain foods, vomiting or purging, excessive exercise, and use of appetite suppressants or diuretics
  • Body mass index consistently below 17.5
  • Obsession with body image and weight, including irrational thinking and pervasive fears of becoming overweight
  • Physical developmental issues such as delayed or halted puberty


Eating Disorder Warning Signs

Are you worried someone you love may be in danger of developing an eating disorder?


It can be frightening to see someone you love engage in harmful behaviors that put their health and happiness at risk. If you are worried that someone you care about may be showing signs of anorexia, early intervention is recommended. Consulting a primary care doctor or treatment expert is necessary to confirm that anorexia is present or developing. 

Worried Parent about Daughter


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