Family involvement in the recovery process is crucial, and we devote set times for family visits, including lectures and workshops. Family dynamics often play a role in eating disorders, so it’s essential to provide a space for the family to communicate efficiently to heal.

Hope for the Family

The Meadows Ranch in Wickenburg, Arizona, provides an intensive, experiential-based 45-day treatment program for women and girls who are struggling with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, have a dual diagnosis, or who have failed past treatments. The Family System is particularly poised for the healing process of a loved one with an eating disorder. It is an approach to treatment that emphasizes the interdependence of family members rather than focusing on individuals in isolation from the family. This theory underlies the most influential forms of contemporary family therapy.

Eating Disorder Help

In a safe and nurturing community composed of their peers, our patient is guided on a journey of recovery by examining the underlying causes of her eating disorder and co-occurring disorders. The goal is for her to gain the courage to face difficult issues, including grief and loss; heal from emotional trauma; and become accountable for their feelings, behaviors, and recovery. Visit us here or feel free to phone us at 866-390-5100.