Today, 150 riders from around the world come together each year for the invitation-only “destination ride,” one of the few left of its kind where participants ride out to a new destination each day and camp out at night. Riders are divided into camps, a tradition that started very early in the history of the ride. The early camps consisted of long-time visitors from the old Dude Ranches. The oldest camps are fittingly, The Meadows Rach Camp and the Caballeros Camp.

The Desert Caballeros ride journey includes fun activities like races, trap shooting, and even a Hawaiian luau at camp. At the end of the week, the riders will have traversed approximately 100 total miles, along a course that takes them right through the Weaver and Bradshaw mountains.

The annual Desert Caballeros Ride is one of several events that keep Wickenburg “Arizona’s Most Western Town.”