Rumination Disorder

Rumination disorder involves the regular regurgitation of food that occurs for at least one month. Regurgitated food may be rechewed, swallowed again, or spit out. Typically, when someone regurgitates their food, they do not appear to be making an effort, nor do they appear to be stressed, upset, or disgusted.


Once a physical cause for rumination disorder has been ruled out, the most common way this is treated involves a combination of breathing exercises and habit reversal. A child with rumination disorder is taught to recognize the signs and situations when rumination is likely, and then they learn diaphragmatic breathing techniques to use after eating that prevent them from regurgitating their food. They eventually learn to prevent the rumination habit by replacing it with deep breathing techniques.

We Can Help

If you think you have Rumination Disorder or any other eating concern, you are welcome to call The Meadows Ranch. We know that recovery from an eating disorder is possible because it’s happening here every day. For additional information, please call to speak to an Intake Coordinator.