Wings of Hope: Free Flight to The Meadows Ranch


Admission into the program must occur between April 11, 2016, and May 31, 2016.
The offer is only available for a one-way airline ticket to treatment and not to exceed $1,200.00.
Flight arrangements will be made through our corporate travel agent as coordinated by our Intake Department.
There is no monetary value to this offer.
If you have any questions, please give our Intake Department a call at 866-390-5100 or contact us online.

Why The Meadows Ranch?

For over 25 years, The Meadows Ranch has been focused on helping women and girls recover from eating disorders, dual diagnosis concerns, and the underlying issues they face. Program features include:

  • Critical Care Unit focused on medical and psychiatric stabilization, nutritional rehabilitation and chemical dependency (detox) services.
  • Inpatient and residential programming and a dedicated adolescent unit.
  • Multidisciplinary team of providers including a full time psychiatrist, 24-hour nursing, registered dietitians and talented therapists.
  • A single gender environment for adolescent girls and women with complex eating disorders and co-occurring conditions.
  • A week-long family program and family involvement throughout the treatment process.
  • Focus on Exposure with Response Prevention including nutrition and culinary training to develop daily living skills.
  • Challenging curriculum for school-age patients in teacher-facilitated classroom setting.

Our Eating Disorder Program Can Help

For additional information about the treatment of eating disorders or to take advantage of this limited-time offer, please call to speak to an Intake Coordinator at 866-390-5100 or contact us online.

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