When Did You Learn to Love Your Body?

Love Your Body

This kind of radical self-acceptance can be hard to come by. The media and the culture surrounding us are continually blasting us with images of which types of bodies are acceptable and valued and which are not. Being able to set all of that aside and love what you see in the mirror every day requires courage, self-determination, and sense of one’s higher purpose in life.

That’s what makes stories of people reaching these revelations so inspiring. We want to give you a chance to share your story of learning to celebrate the beauty of your own unique body and soul.

Was there a major turning point in your eating disorder recovery where you finally accepted and appreciated your body? At what point did it happen, and what led you there? In what ways did it change your life?

Send a 500- 1000 word essay to [email protected].  The first ten essays to be chosen for The Meadows Ranch blog will receive a free The Meadows Ranch blanket as a special gift!

Submit your essay by Jan. 15, 2017. We look forward to reading your incredible stories!

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