What I Would Say To My Former Self

My Former Self

Your voice, your body, your thoughts, your MISTAKES, your presence, your worries, your ideas and opinions are all valuable. Do not give up for your smile lights so many faces and reaches beyond the stars. At the Ranch it was more than skills it was a form of acceptance I never knew. That acceptance opened a door that allowed me to nourish my body and realize what I had long learned to forget and grossly undervalue.

I am worthy. I can and am doing more than the greatness I ever imagined. I am strong. No achievement has or ever will be greater than realizing I am enough. I do not have to starve or rid my body of anything. I do not need to be thin, thick or pretty. You can find yourself again. One step at a time. DON’T ever let anyone (including yourself) tell you otherwise. You are courageous, strong, smart, beautiful and valuable. You are the star that continues to glow.

Morgan Pope

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