Eating Disorder Treatment During the Holidays

Women who struggle with eating disorders often don’t want to disrupt holiday plans or family traditions. They don’t want their spouses, children, of family members to worry about them during what is supposed to be a joyous season. They don’t want to “ruin Christmas.” However, postponing treatment may only make things worse. Eating disorders are the deadliest of all mental illnesses; someone dies from the condition every 62 minutes. Putting off treatment can push those who struggle with eating disorders into an even bigger crisis, with severe repercussions for her family and loved ones.

Watch Out for Relapse

People with eating disorders can sometimes come from families with a history of similar issues. And, family get-togethers can shine a light on struggles and imperfections that trigger disordered eating behaviors. This can increase the urge to resort to the same coping mechanisms that lead to the eating disorder in the first place.

Women who notice themselves relapsing may believe they need to “white knuckle it” through the holidays in to avoid disappointing friends or family members. But, this can lead to extremely troublesome consequences. If you feel yourself spiraling out of control during the holidays, it’s important to get help right away.

Don’t Wait

The holidays can actually be the ideal time of the year to get the help you need for logistical reasons. Many individuals can plan time away from work or other obligations during the holiday season with more ease. And, if you or your family has experienced the pain of your eating disorder during the holidays in previous years, the dedication to recovery during this time of year can show that you’re committed to getting and staying healthy.

Getting treatment can be a hard decision to make, especially during the holiday season; but, it can be right step toward a happy, healthy, and peaceful life. Missing one or two celebrations may just be the key to making sure you are present for the next 30 holiday seasons. Focusing on recovery is the best gift you can give anyone that cares about you. At The Meadows Ranch you will be safe, supported by a clinical and medical team, and well on your way to recovery by the New Year.

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