Dr. Wandler and Mr. MacKenzie are established practitioners, administrators and visionaries who believe remaining current on best practices in eating disorders is pivotal to their roles at The Meadows Ranch. They immersed themselves in two days of specific eating disorder lectures, business meetings and planning sessions.

Dr. Wandler wears many hats including Medical Director and Psychiatrist for The Meadows Ranch, along with being current President of The International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (IEADP). Besides the time he devotes to his The Meadows Ranch job duties; Dr. Wandler also makes clinical presentations at the yearly IEADP Conference. Dr. Wandler will be working with his IEADP team to develop the upcoming conference which will be held April 23-25, 2015, at the Boston Marriott Copley Place Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts.

As Medical Director and Psychiatrist, Dr. Wandler can be found completing daily rounds with the in-patient residents in a number of beautiful locations. As an advocate of the many peaceful locations on Remuda’s campus, Dr. Wandler may meet with clients on the porch of the barn, alongside the many equine therapy horses, at the meal table or in his office. Seamlessly facilitating his commitment as Remuda’s Chief Psychiatrist, he is responsible for the assessment, evaluation and treatment goals for each inpatient resident. Dr. Wandler’s friendly, yet clinically sound accessibility to clients, creates a rich, warm environment for female residents to met with their psychiatrist.

Ryan MacKenzie, Director of Nursing for The Meadows Ranch, is a relatively new-comer to the field of eating disorders. His many years of hands on nursing experience, strategic administrative planning background and steady leadership qualities allow him to teach his staff to be thoughtful, frontline care-givers. The Eating Recovery Center Foundation Eating Disorders Conference was Mr. MacKenzie’s introduction to this forum on eating disorders, and easily assimilated new clinical data and information into his already extensive mental health knowledge base.

The Meadows Ranch is fortunate to work dedicated practitioner such as Dr. Wandler and Mr. MacKenzie, for whom eating disorders are a passion, not a passing interest. Both professionals will bring even more depth to the treatment program after taking the time to increase their knowledge base.

Libby Neal, MA, LPC, is in private practice on the western slope of Colorado. Specializing in eating disorders and trauma, Libby utilizes psychodynamic therapy, evidence-based practices, equine assisted therapy and art therapy. Libby has fifteen years of experience with eating disorders working as a clinician, administrator and educator.