Women and young girls ages 11-17 are at the heart of all that we do at The Meadows Ranch. Our program seeks to disempower the eating disorder by uncovering the complex psychological factors contributing to an unhealthy relationship with food. We have a proven track record of treating anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, and a wide range of other eating disorders. While we address the food-related behaviors in creative, positive ways, we also take an in-depth look at the underlying issues and trauma that lead to eating disorders in the first place.

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Anorexia Nervosa: What You Need to Know

The onset of anorexia generally occurs during the teenage years. The vast majority of anorexic individuals are female (roughly 80-90%, according to the NCBI), though men have also been known to suffer from this disorder. Because it has such a significant impact on the physical body, anorexia has the highest mortality rate among psychiatric disorders. Co-occurring substance abuse disorders can increase the risk of fatality, but substance use has not been known to cause anorexia.

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Hear From Our Staff

Let our treatment team explain why The Meadows Ranch is the perfect place to begin your healing journey for those battling eating disorders.

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Separate Programs for Adults and Adolescents

We offer specialized care for women and girls in all stages of eating disorder recovery. Adult women and adolescents are treated in completely separate programs on our sprawling campus, where we believe they benefit from a homey environment and relaxed atmosphere instead of a sterile hospital setting. Our approach combines proven medical and clinically intensive treatment with life skills training and experiential programs to help patients restore balance in their lives and gain the tools necessary for lasting, long-term recovery.

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Assessing the Patient’s Needs

Our team of treatment experts carefully assesses each patient, determining which level of treatment is right for them at each stage of their journey.


At this stage of treatment, critically underweight patients achieve medical stabilization, weight restoration, and nutritional rehabilitation in a safe, home-like environment. Patients receive the highest level of care from our 24-hour nursing staff and our experienced team of doctors, psychiatrists, dietitians, and therapists. 


As they become nutritionally stable, patients are ready to learn how to disempower their eating disorders by uncovering the complex psychological factors contributing to their unhealthy relationship with food. Our spacious residential environment allows patients to feel comfortable and at home while they begin the arduous journey of recovery. 


Partial-Hospitalization (PHP) is available only after residential treatment is completed. Here, the staff helps patients develop and practice recovery skills in a supportive environment combined with real-life experiences. This level of care may include going out to restaurants and movies, confronting situations and dealing with the stress without taking it out on the food or themselves. Trauma work is also essential at this level because we want them to gain insight into how an event or multiple events may have led them to this point. 

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Our Campus

Our sprawling 50-acre campus, Sonoran Desert scenery, horse stables and home-like atmosphere all contribute to the healing process. Located near Phoenix, Arizona, our multi-pronged treatment approach includes dual diagnosis, trauma work, one-on-one and group therapy. Neuro- and biofeedback in our Brain Center, equine therapy, expressive arts, tai-chi, acupuncture, and movement also play a key role.

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Using Neurofeedback in Treatment

Our Brain Center’s neurofeedback program allows eating disorder patients to see what their brain is doing and how it responds to certain situations. Low alpha brain waves are common among those with eating disorders, and being able to see that there’s a physical reason behind their condition is eye-opening. These scientific, evidence-based methods connect particularly well with a population that is smart and often perfectionistic. 


We Are Here to Help

We know that recovery from an eating disorder is absolutely possible. It’s happening every day at The Meadows Ranch. Based on feedback from patients, families, and professionals, the vast majority of our patients remain committed to a life of health, balance, and purpose.

For additional information about the treatment of eating disorders, please call to speak with one of our experienced intake coordinators.

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