Help for an Eating Disorder

You may be asking yourself, “Will The Meadows Ranch work for me?”

Eating Disorder treatment programs provide remarkable assistance to people in need. There are times however that previous treatment may not have produced the results patients would like to experience. When an individual decides to enter a treatment program, it is one of the most important steps they can undertake. There are many reasons why previous treatment options may not have worked, but what matters is that you are committing to recovery.

Unique Treatment for Your Needs

The Meadows Ranch is an excellent choice for women and girls with eating disorders because:

  • We believe in providing patients with the practical tools they need to transition back into everyday life. We teach essential nutrition, culinary skills, meal planning, and more.
  • We assess each patient’s unique needs and create individual treatment plans using our full continuum of care in a single-gender setting.
  • Patients receive personalized attention from our multi-disciplinary treatment team, which includes a staff psychiatrist, medical doctor, Master’s Level licensed therapists, and 24-hour nursing.
  • We engage the family throughout the treatment experience allowing the patient and their family time to address complex family systems issues.
  • Our holistic approach incorporates mindfulness activities and life skills into the recovery process.

We work with our patients to confront their unhealthy eating behaviors in an integrated and positive manner and help them get a true sense of their potential while taking ownership of their lives.

We Are Here to Help

No matter where your journey has taken you, The Meadows Ranch treatment program can help. Don’t let previous experiences discourage you from a recovery that is possible. Take the first step by completing the form below or calling 866-390-5100 to find out how we can help.