25 Days of Gratitude

The Meadows Ranch was one of Arizona’s first guest ranches and operated as a popular dude ranch from 1925 until Ward Keller purchased the Ranch in 1985 to run horses. In 1990 The Meadows Ranch was transformed into a treatment center for women and girls with eating disorders. This was the result of Keller’s experience with his daughter’s anorexia, seeing first hand the need for excellent care. The Meadows Ranch started with a handful of patients and staff, and now 25 years later, has grown into one of the leading eating disorder treatment facilities in the country.

For 25 days in February, we are posting an alumna’s unique recovery story on our Facebook page. Many of our alumnae have gone on to do incredible things, like Treena Hall, the founder of Raise Your Wings Equine Therapy.

Hall wrote, “During my time at The Meadows Ranch, I was shown that the path to recovery is possible with the help of caring professionals. I felt seen, heard, and above all supported in learning how to regain myself back from the strong grips of anorexia.”

This month is also a time to express and focus on the things we’re grateful for as a reminder that being thankful can turn what we have into enough.

The Meadows Senior Technology Specialist, Leslee Klinsky, said, “I am grateful that at the core of each of us is a place of unfathomable possibilities, vision, power, and joy. Our task in this lifetime is to allow, embrace and become it.”

If you are a The Meadows Ranch alumna and would like to share your story, please visit The Meadows Ranch Treatment Programs Facebook page and send us a direct message about your recovery journey.

The Meadows Ranch Can Help

Gratitude can unlock the fullness of life and show you that recovery from an eating disorder is possible. It’s happening every day at The Meadows Ranch. For additional information about the treatment of eating disorders, please call to speak to an intake coordinator.

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